Projects: Drilled Shaft Foundations

Drilled shafts, also known as, cast-in-drilled hole (CIDH) piles, caissons, drilled piers or bored piles are used for deep foundation solutions to high axial and / or lateral loads challenges throughout the world. Excavation of a cylindrical borehole into which reinforcing steel and fluid concrete is cast or placed, forms the drilled shaft foundation elements. Drilled shafts can provide cost effective, high capacity deep foundation systems in a variety of subsurface conditions with differing geometries.Anderson Drilling has over 50 years of experience in the excavation and installation of drilled shafts throughout the western United States. Our depth of experience is complimented by innovative and versatile equipment capabilities that enable us to provide several different types of drilled shaft foundation support elements including cast-in-drilled-hole (CIDH) piles, auger-cast-in-place (ACIP) piles and micropiles.Anderson Drilling is the leader in drilled shaft foundation construction whether under dry, wet or hard rock conditions. Our drilled shafts are used to support bridge infrastructure, high-rise buildings, commercial / retail offices, utility structures, airport buildings, hospitals, schools and homes.
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