Equipment: Big Stan

Since 1986 Anderson Drilling has been ahead of the industry with these powerful, proprietary drill rigs. Conceived and built in our Lakeside, California manufacturing plant, there are no other rigs like these in the world. In addition to tremendous power, these units also boast the fastest set up time of any drilling systems their size. Delivered on one 8-axle trailer, the drill unit itself is complete and ready for a carrier. Our carriers provide for three different and distinct configurations depending on the site and/or project requirements. Within one hour, this drill unit is self-drawn onto a carrier and ready to drill. The freeway legal rubber tire carriers are simply driven to the site. The full-track and half-track carriers are delivered on a 9-axle lowboy trailer and is ready to receive the drill unit in as little time as it takes to unchain it and drive it off the trailer.


Carrier Five-Axel Truck, Full Track or Half-Track
Weight 200,000 - 250,000 lbs
Torque + 500,000 bft-ft (678 kNm)
Depth 200 ft. (61 M)
Max. Diameter 30 ft. (9144 mm)
Optimal Diameter 48" - 156" (1220 mm - 3962 mm)
Material All
Crowd Pressure 75,000 lbs.
Reach to Hole Ctr 12 ft.
Tower Height 90 ft.

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