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Anderson Drilling owns and maintains a diverse and modern equipment fleet. Several of our machines were designed, built, and/or modified by our partner Anderson Manufacturing. One look at our equipment shows our pride in ownership and commitment to completing the job with the best possible resources.

Anderson Drilling has long been known for our "big hole" capabilities. We have built and purchased some of the largest foundation drill rigs in the world. Our experience drilling large diameter shafts through a wide range of subsurface mediums and conditions is second to none in the industry. These rigs are capable of excavating shafts up to 240 inches in diameter to depths of over 200 feet! We also have a wide variety of medium-sized conventional and hydraulic foundation drill units mounted on truck or crawler carriers, as well as crane attachment drilling systems.

We have several multipurpose hydraulic drill units that can be used for anchor, micropile, soil nail, and tieback installations. The versatility of these units provides vertical or horizontal boring capabilities. Our fleet includes several small, limited-access foundation drill rigs that are unique for their low overhead, limited access, and reach capabilities.


Our state-of-the-art tooling enhances Anderson Drilling's equipment capabilities. Our tool inventory includes open flight earth and rock augers, drag core barrels, roller core barrels, dual-walled air barrels, and rock hammers of multiple sizes. We have collaborated with tool making engineers from all over the world to provide the best tools available for our business. Our tools are carefully engineered for the variety of drill conditions that we encounter throughout the western United States.


Anderson Manufacturing has been instrumental to the success of our drilling business. This facility has consistently provided industry leading manufacturing innovation. The manufacturing group is responsible for the design and manufacturing of our "Big Stan" drill rigs, "Shirley" crane attachment, as well as our "Mini-Max" limited access drill unit. Our Big Stan and Shirley drill units are the largest and most powerful mobile foundation drill units in their class, and the Mini-Max is a versatile limited access unit.

Anderson Manufacturing also provides the ability to repair, maintain, modify, design, and build our tools as necessary to ensure we can perform our service to the highest standards. Anderson Manufacturing consistently improves on existing tooling to make us more efficient at what we do.