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What We Do

Foundation Support

Deep foundation support is an excellent solution to high axial and/or lateral loads challenging today's building environment. Solutions we provide include Drilled Shafts, (aka, cast-in-drilled-hole [CIDH] piles, caissons, drilled piers, or bored piles), Continuous Flight Auger or Augercast Piles (CFA or ACIP), Drilled Displacement Piles (DDP), and Micropiles. Each of these solutions involves excavation of a cylindrical borehole into which reinforcing steel and fluid concrete is cast or placed, forming the deep foundation element. Deep foundation support can provide a cost-effective, high-capacity system in a variety of subsurface conditions.

We are the leader in deep foundation construction whether under dry, wet, or hard rock conditions. Our deep foundations are used to support bridge infrastructure, high-rise buildings, commercial/retail offices, and utility structures including transmission lines and substations, airport buildings, hospitals, schools, and homes.

Earth Retention

Anderson Drilling has constructed earth retention systems throughout the western United States for over two decades. Our systems have been used for both temporary and permanent soil retaining solutions. The need for soil retention is as varied as the type of system utilized. The most popular solutions include soldier piles, soil nails, and tiebacks. Our installation experience and in-house knowledge of these systems is second to none. The Soldier Pile System consists of an engineered system of closely space vertically drilled piles. The open space between the drilled soldier piles often require "shoring". The shoring is most often accomplished with wood lagging or steel sheets. The soldier pile system is a cost-effective solution for shallow vertical excavations. The Soil Nail System utilizes an engineered network of closely spaced steel bars ("nails") to reinforce and strengthen the existing vertical or sloped ground surface. This process creates a soil composite mass stable enough to retain the ground behind it. This system is often used when the construction proceeds from the "top down." The Tieback System incorporates an engineered system of high strength steel cables or bars (tendons) that are drilled and grouted in-place. The Tieback method can provide a stand-alone, high-capacity retaining system or be used to augment a soldier pile system in deep excavations.

Large Diameter Access Shafts

Anderson Drilling has been constructing large-diameter access shafts since the early 1980s. These shafts range in finished diameter from 10 to 20 feet and have proven to be a safe and cost-effective solution to a variety of subsurface construction challenges, including micro-tunneling operations, pump station construction, manhole installation, and missile silo construction.

Our unique equipment and tooling capabilities combined with our drilling methods have positioned us as the leader in large diameter access shaft construction and excavation. We have successfully excavated these large shafts under both dry and wet conditions in many differing geologic environments.